24-hour care services explained

If you have a parent or loved one in the later stages of life, or with significant health issues, you may be at a point of considering implementing 24-hour care for them. Many people choose to receive 24-hour care from their own home as opposed to care home living due to the comfort and personalised touch of these services.

So what services are actually included in 24-hour care, and is it suitable for your loved one? In this blog post, we cover everything included within live-in care in Essex and how Rosemont Care is committed to helping your family members live the best quality of life possible.

What defines 24 hour care?

When a person receives 24-hour care, it means that they are helped with personal services in the comfort of their own home. These services can vary greatly depending on a person’s needs. For example, a carer may be on hand to help with daily tasks and provide company, or they could be on hand to administer medication for severe health issues. Many families choose to provide this level of care for their loved ones where possible, as it means they don’t have to be rooted out of their homes to new surroundings, like moving into a care home.

What to expect from 24 hour care

When choosing 24-hour care, you can expect a carer to be there around the clock. This means the care provider moves into your family member’s home and is always on hand to assist, day and night. A 24-hour carer may help with basic tasks like cooking and washing, using the toilet and also transporting the client to appointments and social occasions.

24-hour carers are adaptable to their client’s needs, which means if your loved one has a deteriorating condition, the carer will alter their services accordingly. You can also arrange specialist carers that have the ability to help clients with complex medical conditions, for example, tube feeding and incontinence. This private and home-centred care can feel very comforting to clients, meaning that they enjoy a better quality of life overall.

24-hour support with Rosemont Care

Here at Rosemont Care, we have a roster of dedicated and experienced carers to provide 24/7 support to your loved ones in their time of need. We have a range of qualified team members to align perfectly with the needs of any client. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the different services we offer and how we can make later life more comfortable for the older members of your family today.

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