5 Tips On How To Choose The Best Nightwear For Kids

They say parenthood is a selfless act by humans, and everyone couldn’t agree more. It’s very amazing how once you enter into parenthood, all you worry about is the safety and comfort of your child.

The law needs kid’s nightwear to be tight-fitting or flame-retardant to avoid posing a fire hazard. You might want to look at the tags to make sure pajamas don’t have any chemical flame retardants.

It is also vital to keep watch of the broken zippers, strangulation hazards, loose ties, choking risks, and of course, consider the following tips:

1.     Prioritize Comfort

Making your kids comfortable in their sleep can help them get into a deep sleep faster and even stay there for long hours, without interruptions.

You may get high end baby clothes suitable for their body skin. For instance, a lightweight cotton pajama consists of breathable and soft material.

Plus, it is the go-to option, especially when sleeping in a warmer temperature. Apart from a lightweight cotton pajama, other options to look at include:

  • Knit
  • Silk
  • Supima cotton
  • Flannel pajamas

2.     Consider Theme

It is vital to create opportunities for your kids to feel very special. As far as themed kid’s nightwear is concerned, there are many options, like batman-themed pajamas, Christmas pajamas, and dinosaur-themed pajamas. You might as well consider buying matching nightwear for the entire family.

3.     Check the Length

Nightwear designed for kids below nine months is basically not required to meet similar rigorous requirements as clothes intended for older kids. This is because infants putting on these sizes are unable to expose themselves to open flames and are insufficiently mobile.

However, there are very strict length requirements when it comes to baby boy clothes that CPSC (Children’s Sleepwear Standards) sets.

For one-piece garments, the maximum length should be 25 ¾”. As for two-piece sets, neither piece will be more than 15 ¾”.

4.     Go for Simplicity

Dress your kids in an elegant and simple manner. Overdressing can easily hamper their cuteness and charm. The appropriate mix of fashion, style, and comfort is the key to know how to dress your kids.

For baby girls, jeans, tops, dresses with amazing prints, and leggings are simple styles. All you need to ensure is to go for soft fabrics.

5.     Choose the Right Outfit

There is a difference between newborn and toddler clothing. Though you might still have most of the clothing style you loved when your kid was still young.

For instance, bodysuits are still suitable even in the toddler years. You can also find short sleeve and long sleeve styles in different sizes, ranging from 12M to 24M. If you don’t use swaddle, consider pairing your baby girl clothes with:

  • Blanket
  • Pants
  • Socks

The Bottom Line!

Knowing how to dress your kids for their bedtime is one of the important daily decisions you need to make once you enter parenthood. Although there are many variables to pay attention to, it’s basically not something you need to lose sleep over. In fact, as a parent, you will need all the sleep you can get.

Consider safety, and don’t hesitate to experiment with new pajamas or swaddles to determine what works properly for your little love-bugs.

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