7 Outdoor Activities You Can Still Enjoy When It’s Cold

Typically, those who prefer to spend their time outdoors, perhaps with activities and hobbies that benefit or require natural spaces, prefer summertime to winter. The sunshine, warmth, and more reliable weather tend to lend a more accommodating environment to outdoor activities. This is not to say, however, that there aren’t options for outdoor adventures when it’s cold. In fact, outdoorsy and active individuals are beginning to celebrate the winter period for its benefits.

Promising that you have the right gear and are prepared to weather sometimes challenging weather conditions, there are a number of benefits to getting outdoors on a cold day. In fact, some activities are only possible or made even better during winter.


Perhaps the best example of an activity that is wonderful to experience during the colder season, promising, that is, you have the right equipment. In addition to the joy of warming oneself by the fire, and indulging in foods cooked over a flame, there is the tranquillity of quieter landscapes. Fewer tourists will venture out during the winter season, which means typically crowded wild areas are alleviated from busyness, making them far better to enjoy.

Wild Swimming

There is a growing trend that sees wild swimmers take the plunge into cold water. These chilly excursions are said to have numerous health benefits making them not only an exciting endeavour but also a physically beneficial one too. Just be sure to have something warm to change into afterwards!


There are a number of places to paddle board in Australia and they remain accessible, and less populated during the colder weather, making the winter season an ideal time to explore the water. It’s recommended that you bring your wetsuit along too.

Trail Running

Running during the summer becomes challenging because of the heat, which is why many runners prefer stepping out on colder days. It may take a little while to get your body temperature up but, once you get comfortable upon the trail, you’ll soon find yourself feeling comfortable even on a chilly day.


Getting below the waves during an Australian winter can be even more fulfilling than during the summer. Aside from the less crowded waters, there are also fewer dangers, with many sea creatures, especially jellyfish, leaving the shore and reefs free for exploration.


Australia has a number of celebrated ski slopes, enabling both ski and snowboarding enthusiasts to enjoy their activity each winter. Some are remarkably accessible, being located only a few hours from cities like Melbourne, while others will also be host to hot springs, allowing for a luxurious and warm dip following a thrilling downhill session.

Whale Watching

The winter season brings whales to Australian waters as they migrate north. These beautiful creatures appear in large numbers and with great frequency, making it the perfect time to whale watch, whether safely at the shore or sharing the waves on a local boat tour.

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