Choosing the Right Curriculum for Your Preschool Needs

Early years is an important developmental milestone for any individual, and it is important to find a school that will best nurture your child through this stage in life. When choosing a school for your little one, it is natural to want the very best. There are a few things to look for in a curriculum to know if you’ve found a quality school that will help foster true growth in your child.

A Focus on Play Over Grades

During the early years, the best way for a child to learn is simply by exploring their surrounding environment. Children need to discover, push boundaries, and learn social protocols throughout the process. While many parents want to raise successful children, it is important to find a school that does not emphasize academics at a young age. Through play and discovery, your child will develop a love for learning that will last throughout the rest of their lives. Without any stress on striving for a good grade, they will be able to naturally develop, grow, and explore.

Look for Plenty of Varied Learning Opportunities

A good preschool will offer a range of ways to access content within a classroom. Some classrooms may focus on a station approach, while others may explore outdoors. Look into the timetable of a potential school. A good international preschool in Bangkok will offer a varied schedule, usually targeting many different learning areas. There may be time for English and Maths, while also allowing students to learn through Art or Music. By exposing young children to different interests, they can cultivate a life-long interest.

Shorter Classes and A Time to Rest

It is well-known that older students have more stamina for activities than younger students. The attention just isn’t there when they are young, and a good school will accommodate this. Some international schools will have classes of just 30 minutes to help keep young minds engaged and open to more learning.

It is just as important that these little brains also have time to rest and process their day. For some schools, this may come in the form of naps, and for others, through a circle reflection period. Either way, it is important to pause any learning long enough for children to have time to stop and think about what they have learned. This will reinforce concepts and help them become more confident learners.

The early years are important for any child, and it is best to find an international school that will help make the most of these precious years.

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