Different factors can contribute to drug substance abuse. First-time abuse mainly occurs in social settings with access to drugs. Continued use, especially for teens, is usually a desire for social acceptance. But drug abuse is very detrimental to one’s health in the long run. Drugs such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth, spice, etc., can be hard to resist after the first or second use.

Thankfully, there are some practices you can adopt to avoid drug substance abuse or addiction. They are simple practices that you can also share with your loved ones to help them avoid drug abuse.

Be informed about how drug abuse develops.

In most cases, drug substance abuse can be traced back to the teenage years. Most teens experiment with drugs and over-the-counter drugs to experience a new potentially euphoric feeling and endear themselves to their friends. All drug abuse starts with experimentation. For instance, you may wonder what does meth smell like or how will you feel after using it? That may trigger you to experiment, and before you realize it, you cannot resist using it.

Generally, drug abuse starts through:

  • Using prescribed or illicit drugs for recreational reasons.
  • Abusing prescription medication.
  • Seeking intoxication every time you use drugs.

Avoid peer pressure

One of the reasons many people have found themselves addicted to drugs is that they started using them due to peer pressure. No one likes to be isolated, especially teens, and most people do things they are not supposed to be doing just to fit in. If it seems like your friends are into drugs, you should find other friends who are not pressuring you into doing harmful things like using drugs. It is best to prepare a good excuse and learn to say no ahead of time.

Learn how to effectively handle life pressures

Many people find themselves abusing drugs due to stress, depression, anxiety, and worries from the situations they face in life. Some people use drugs as a reward or to feel good and escape from the world’s realities for a moment. Although people are overworked and overwhelmed in the modern world, drugs are not the solution. To avoid abusing drugs or using them as a reward, especially alcohol, you should develop constructive habits to help you unwind and relieve your stress. For instance, adapt creative hobbies like reading, swimming, working out, volunteering, crafting, etc. Look for positive activities that veer the mind off using drugs to relieve stress.

Seek professional help for mental illness

Drug substance abuse is often linked to mental problems. People with mental conditions tend to turn to drugs to ease away the pain and mood swings. If you suffer from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic disorder, and other mental illnesses, you should seek professional help before you get addicted to drugs.

Establish a good life balance

Many people find relief in drugs when something in their life is not working. To avoid that, try to keep everything in life balanced. Try to balance your work, relationships, and personal life to avoid stress and lead a healthy life.

The final words

Establishing goals for your future can help you focus more and realize that drug abuse can only get in the way.

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