How To Organize Birthdays According To Age (1 To 3)

Being special moments to gather all the family and friends, our children’s birthdays are also an important milestone in their lives that we cannot fail to mark. As they grow up, organizing birthdays become an experience lived with great enthusiasm. When their birthday is months away, they are already dreaming about the big day!

However, each age group has its particularities, and organizing birthdays for a 1-year-old will not be the same as organizing a party for a 4-year-old—the age.

The First Birthday

This first party is intended, above all, for friends and relatives of the parents. In addition, the place must be designed for adults, although it must be suitable for the baby and must have some distractions for children who are present.

Organizing Birthdays For 2- And 3-Year-Olds

Theme – Anyone willing to organize birthdays for these ages knows that children are still very influential. Parents can choose more general themes, such as dolls, fruits, teddy bears, babies, firefighters, and farm or circus animals. There are 2-year-olds, however, who already show their preferences, not to mention the 3-year-olds, when they start asking for favorite characters from stories or television.

Party Location

It is essential to choose safe places like Mission Grit for example to organize birthdays for these age groups, as children are already everywhere and have no idea of ​​the danger. If you are thinking about having an outdoor party, make sure there are shades and let the parents of the invited children know for their children to bring hats and sunscreen.


At 2 years old, it’s still too early to rent inflatables or hire someone to do face painting. You can opt for a ball pit and balloon modeling, as they like to see them transform into flowers, dogs, or swords. Party animation companies also have monitors who can make music and dance activities with them and paint them with appropriate paints. If you want, set up a corner with these activities yourself and have fun with them, always keeping an eye on them.


It is already necessary to have an appropriate menu for the little ones at these ages. However, you don’t need anything very sophisticated: jellies, sandwiches, cookies, fruit, yogurts, etc. Watch out for sweets because they can still choke on gummies, candies, popcorn, etc.

Birthday Cake

Choose a beautiful birthday cake with the party’s theme, ordering it from a specialized company or making it yourself.

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