Maple Lake Academy Students Get Virtual Visits to Germany

Students at Maple Lake Academy were surprised this summer as they had the opportunity to tour Germany virtually, learning more about their country. With virtual visits, students could see what life is like across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Maple Lake Academy always looks for ways to make life fun and interesting for their students. When the opportunity arose, taking a virtual trip to Germany became a highlight of the summer.

Albert Einstein‘s Birthplace

A landscape photo showing the city of Ulm, Germany, where Albert Einstein was born.

One of the most influential physicists was born in Ulm, a city now part of Germany. Getting a chance to see his childhood home shows the different world he grew up in compared to most. It’s turned into a historical location and place for tourists to check out when visiting.

Einstein eventually moved to the United States, becoming a citizen in 1940. He remains a well-known figure in the United States, as most students knew who he was before the virtual visit.


A photo showing a street view of Rothenberg, Germany

Few cities like Rothenberg have found ways to preserve their medieval old town. Tourists worldwide go to see it in person, and the virtual visit grabbed students’ attention.

The city is small overall, with just over 11,000 people calling it home full-time. However, they had to build it back up post-World War II due to the bombings that damaged around 40% of the city.

Schwangau Castles

An aerial view of the magnificent Schwangau castles in Germany

A touristy area of Germany is home to several Schwangau castles. Students of Maple Lake Academy had the opportunity to look at a few of the most intriguing castles that stand out in a beautiful part of the country. 

Dachau Concentration Camp

Students have a chance to explore the first concentration camp built by Nazi Germany. Opening in 1933, the students had a chance to learn about some horrific actions that took place there 80 to 90 years ago.

After the war, the facility held SS soldiers awaiting trial. Now, it’s filled with religious memorials and open to the public

Learning Parts of the German Language

Maple Lake Academy has taken advantage of a chance to help their students learn a little bit about a foreign language. There are numerous benefits to learning a foreign language for a student.

It takes a long time to become fluent. Still, suppose a student becomes passionate enough about a particular country‘s history or language. In that case, they can start taking courses back home to improve their knowledge and become more fluent in their language.

Virtual vs. Real-Life Visits

Virtual visits to different parts of the world have become popular over the last few years. While it’s impossible to replace visiting somewhere like this in real life, it’s still very inspiring, especially with the technology available today.

A virtual visit can offer many different looks to immerse people in their destination. It can feel like an actual trip instead of just reading about something online or in a book. Many detailed videos, pictures, and information on places of interest exist.

Lessons on German History and Culture

After completing virtual visits to different parts of Germany, the staff included German history and culture in lessons shortly after. Visualizing a location makes a huge difference when learning about a different culture and its history. 

The overall response from the virtual visit to Germany has teachers looking at potential options down the road to do something similar. Whether visiting other parts of Germany or exploring a different country altogether, taking a virtual visit is convenient

Keeping Students Engaged With New Idea

Maple Lake Academy is always looking for new opportunities to keep students as engaged as possible. When helping students through their struggles, teachers constantly look for ways to keep them engaged. One of the best ways to do so is to surprise them with new activities that also act as learning opportunities.

Being able to take a virtual field trip to Germany didn’t seem like everyday classroom work, even if there were learning opportunities throughout the visit.

About Maple Lake Academy

Maple Lake Academy offers a specialized program for girls who struggle with verbal and nonverbal learning disabilities. Keeping class sizes small, there’s a focus on improving emotional help, providing high-quality academics with transferable credits, and recreational therapy to help broaden horizons.

Located in Spanish Fork, Utah, adolescents aged 12 to 17 have found a way to achieve long-term results by spending time in the program. Making the program individualized for every single student has provided them an opportunity to thrive.

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