Need a Break? Give Copenhagen’s Hygge a Chance to Rejuvenate Your Life

Meet Denmark, it is one of the top five countries listed in the World Happiness Report and a native place to the famous storyteller named Hans Christian Andersen. Today, this country is famous for hygge which is an exceptional way for cozy comfort. So, if you are still planning to visit, and looking for an accommodation, have a look at this Copenhagen apartment hotel.

If you are a design lover, visit Blox. It is a glass encased boxy structure that houses museums, restaurant, gym, and accommodation as well. The entire place has a Danish vibe and urban inventiveness. There are apartments built on top floors, it also has open plan offices where meetings take place, and lastly where students are taught about design, amazing shops and exhibition pieces.

Blox is deemed the new home of Danish Architecture Center. There is an exhibition that runs till 23 September and goes by the name Welcome Home where the domestic spaces are being molded to the altering realities of family life. There are many shows that showcase the Danish design in the entire film and furniture. But the bona fide and permanent collection can be found in the entire city. One should never miss visiting Blox.

The cafes in the city are located across a huge waterside terrace and this is where the local designers and artists discuss their projects next to the tourist families. If you look at the menu, you will find the smoked fish smorrebrod which means open sandwiches, a Danish signature dish, that comes with Nordic dolma alongside, kohlrabi and the herbs where a savoy cabbage is stuffed with cracked wheat, broccoli and lovage. You can top this entire dish with horseradish and sour cream. You will also find the baked cod on caramelized celery root puree, and baked aubergine with the haydari puree made with bell peppers and feta. And for the beverages, always go for Carlsberg.

The most famous restaurant of the city called Noma has engulfed the entire town with its influence. There is a rare chance of getting a vacant table at Noma. This place is fully reserved and all booked for the imminent days as well, so you might want to book in advance at a cost.

Copenhagen does sound really hygge, doesn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now!

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