Staggering Social Media Statistics: Yubo Shows Huge Growth as Gen Z Embraces Social Media Platform

Yubo was implemented functionally as a live-streaming website where you can meet new people, add new friends, and create connections that last longer than a simple ‘like’ or ‘share.’ Based out of Paris and founded in 2015, Yubo has spent a few years preparing itself for what turned out to be the ultimate opportunity for social media growth: the pandemic.

While Yubo enjoyed steady growth, it wasn’t until the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic shut much of the world down that the platform began to grow exponentially. Within a few years, the Paris-based company would surpass millions of users from more than 140 countries around the world.

Now a destination for Gen Z users (14 – 25) and their safety-minded parents, Yubo is setting the stage for what social media should look like in our younger crowds.

What Makes Yubo So Special?

Yubo thrives on connection, and as a platform for social interaction, this is required for the place to grow. Yubo gives users a chance to connect authentically with profiles that have been mapped out with keywords and hashtags to better put them in front of the eyes and minds who might be the most interested.

With a forum-like approach to communication and an insistence on thought over quick actions, Yubo gives its user base a chance to connect in new and exciting ways. As a result, Yubo has enjoyed explosive growth in its texting, chatting, and video messaging avenues. A user from Pocket-Lint stated that Yubo had “loads of friendliness” around the platform, and that’s not a bad change compared to the toxicity of other social media sites.

Staying Safe and Protecting Kids

When users interact on Yubo, they do so with the reasonable expectation of knowing that the other person is as old as they say they are. Yubo utilizes AI automation through the Yoti application to scan pictures of applicants and to verify whether they exceed the age threshold to join the platform. Yubo is the ONLY social media platform requiring this level of age verification for users simply to register.

With this added layer of protection in place, Yubo also leans on its Safety Specialist team to monitor audio and video messaging as well as comments by utilizing AI and real-time content moderation tools. The results are a safe and welcoming place where moderation is key but not overbearing, giving users the ability to make friends and communicate with comfort.

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