Why is it better to have professionals installing your rainwater system?

A lot of people are very involved and eager to take on things by themselves. Especially if it falls under the umbrella of DIY projects, millions of individuals go crazy and throw any kind of caution out the window just to get a thrill from doing something on their own. While it’s a respectable urge, doing something by yourself isn’t necessarily the best solution. In this article, we’re going to focus on why hiring a professional to install your rainwater system is the much safer and better option than to do it by yourself!

No. 1 – the time it takes

Even though it is possible to create and fit both passive and active rainwater systems to your home, the time that it would take you to do it alone is huge. Professionals can come and hit the ground running, completing the project within a day or two (if the house is big and the project is complex, it might take them up to two weeks). If you work by yourself or with a team of novices, the time it would take you to complete the same task is roughly 5-15 times as long, depending on your experience and know-how.

Not a lot of people have this much time to spare. Hence, it’s much quicker to have professionals do it for you.

No. 2 – warranty and longevity

When you’re putting up rainwater systems by yourself, you automatically lose any chance of warranty from the contractor. They usually give a warranty for labor, ensuring much swifter and easier replacement in case of issues.

Most manufacturers might even resist the warranty if the system is fit and installed by an unexperienced specialist.

When we talk about longevity, it’s all in the quality of the labor. If an unexperienced person tries to do the work, there’s an increased risk of both small and large errors. Where there’s water involved, even small mistakes can create leaks and gaps.

No. 3 – You can trust the opinions and suggestions of an expert

If you only have yourself to rely on in terms of knowledge and expertise, there’s only so much you can achieve. Without the necessary know-how, anyone can struggle trying to find aesthetically pleasing and/or technically sound solution.

On the other hand, the experts will be able to give you personalized suggestions to make for the most durable, versatile or unique look and functionality.

The goal of all contractors and experts are to have customers that are as happy, as possible. It’s in their best interest to do a good job and make suggestions that will truly meet your needs.

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