Are Angels Real?

The word angel comes from the Greek word “Anglos” which means “Messenger” in Hebrew. They can take many forms and can appear as humans, a glowing light or even an aura. Angels are highly spiritual beings and have a lighter and faster vibration than humans, but they are around and with us to help and serve by bringing light, love and guidance to those who ask and are open to hearing them. They are benevolent beings of light that encompass love, goodness, compassion, healing and protection.

What is the Difference Between Angels and Archangels?

Each of us are blessed with a guardian angel that is present with us from birth, and there are many different types of angels. There are angels of peace, angels of love, romance, healing etc. However, there are also archangels and these angels are of a higher rank then the other angels, with each of them have specific roles. Whereas your guardian and other angels may work only with a specific person at a given time, the archangels are concerned with humanity as a whole and can assist multiple being at one time. It has been said that they are closer to Spirit than the other angels and are the guardians and protectors of the heavenly realms.

Who are the Archangels and What are their Purpose?

·         Archangel Metatron is the highest of the archangels. He works with those who are opening up to their ascension path and he works with the Stellar gateway chakra, the 12th chakra. He works with the qualities of commitment, wisdom and discipline. When you are dedicated to your spiritual path you can call on him to aid you on this journey. He also carries a masculine energy.


·         Archangel Sandalphon is the angel that helps connect you to mother Earth and carries the feminine energy. He is known for collecting the prayers of humanity and delivering them to Spirit. He is the angel of nurturing and helps you to give “birth” to your dreams and aspirations.


·         Archangel Michael is the warrior and protector. His colour is blue and any time you feel threatened or fearful you can call upon him to surround you with his blue cloak of protection. He is also the angel of strength and overseas your life purpose. Call upon Michael for strength and protection when you need it to make important life changes.


·         Archangel Gabriel is the angel of purity, clarity and inspiration and his colour is white. Archangel Gabriel is also the angel who guides and supports creative projects. You can call on him to inspire your new creative ideas and he gives you the courage and the opportunities to express them. He is also the angel who helps people become Divine messengers of love. When you think, speak and act from a place of love, others are naturally drawn to you.


·         Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing and his colour is emerald green, which is also the colour of balance. He works through the third eye chakra and is associated with abundance, for when you control your thoughts and focus on the positive you have the power to draw in the abundance you desire.

·         Archangel Uriel is in charge of the solar plexus chakra which is where we store our fears and insecurities. His colour is a golden yellow and he collects negativity to transmute it to light, in the same ways as the solar plexus. He is also the Archangel that helps with mental functioning, focus and concentration.


·         Archangel Chamuel is the Archangel of love and is in charge of the heart chakra. His colour is pink, and his vibration is pure joy and love. He speaks to you through your intuition and can help with love and relationships. He is also the angel that can help to find lost things and items, including missing pets.


What are the Signs that Angels are With You?

·         Finding a white feather

·         Flashes of light

·         Tingling sensations, chills or goose bumps

·         The feeling of being touched or held in a warm embrace

·         Direct messages

·         Scents and smells

·         Rainbows


How to Talk to the Angels


Your angels are always waiting and willing to help you, but they will not step in unless you ask them. To connect with your angels, all you need is to get into a space of calm, peace,  quiet and balance. The easiest way to do this is to focus on your breath. Once you’re in that calm space start speaking to your angels as you would to a dear friend and stay in a space of trust and faith that they have heard you.

About the Author :– Tammy is an experienced writer in spirituality, self-empowerment, angelic guidance and intuitive animal communication. She lives in South Africa with her husband and many loved pets, working primarily as an international Clairvoyant Psychic and Animal Communicator.

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